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Authorising Engineer (Water)

Water Treatment

- for cooling tower systems, steam boilers, closed loop systems and more


The treatment of water for any water based system is very important since without it, the risk of corrosion, scale/sludge fouling and bacterial fouling plus legionella growth, can occur.
So, if water treatment is important, the choice of the company you choose to look after your water services is extremely important to get right.

Is it really needed?

Going back some 40 years ago when the owner of Assured Water started, the major problems faced by users of cooling systems were scale & corrosion. Even in London with its very hard water, corrosion was never a significant problem.
Now, not only do we need to deal with scale & corrosion, we must control bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas

How to choose a Water Treatment Company?

Its easy! Choosing a good one is another matter...
Every water treatment company will say the same things like high levels of service and customer care. Sorry.. at Assured Water, we will say the same things!
With us though, since we are a family run company and not a multi-million multi-national, you get a personal service. We sell control plans/regimes, equipment & services because we really believe that it is necessary and is the best option.
We also limit our "sales" territory to London & the Home Counties which allows us to be able to respond within a prompt time frame.
Authorising Engineer (Water)
Our service area is London & the Home Counties. This way, if you need us, we are never too fare away.

Contact us for your free appraisal

With 39 years of experience in the water treatment & water hygiene industry, Assured Water are able to offer the full range of services including annual audit/review of the legionella risk assessmentand control regime.

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