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Water Hygiene Monitoring

Water Hygiene ACOP L8

Within HSG274 Part 2, there are a number of areas within buildings that require monitoring and the results of the checks, recorded in a suitable way.


The record keeping system can be the traditional logbook or via an online portal which is gaining popularity. Which ever way you decide, it needs to be robust & retrievable easily.

Monitoring and recording the results in a suitable way is essential to prove to any inspecting agencies, that you are doing what is required under ACOP L8

What do I NEED to do?

The requirements for the propery will depend on its risk assessment. For those properties which have a nil/very low/low risk assessment, the tasks will be nominal if any. As the potential hazards increase, the control measures will need to increase and so maintain an acceptable risk level.

Table 2.1 of the Health & Safety Excutive's guideline HSG274 part 2, provides clear guidance.

Water Hygiene ACOP L8

Contact us for your free appraisal

Assured Water are able to offer the complete range of service options for water hygiene service agreements. These will vary from site to site and will be dependant on the Risk Assessment. We can offer regular site visits to complete any or all, the tasks required under HSG274 Part 2

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