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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

With 38 years of experiance with water treatment, we are able to offer consultancy advice, chemicals and after sales service visits for all aspects within water treatment.

* Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

* Closed heating & chilled water systems

* Humidification systems

* Steam boilers

Cooling towers & evaporative condensers

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers are accepted high hazard equipment which have been associated with the dissemination of legionella bacteria. However, with the correct choice of chemicals, dosing/control equipment and monitoring, the risk can be lowered to acceptable levels.

Water Hygiene ACOP L8

HSG274 Part 1 provides detailed advice about these systems. 

Assured Water can provide the full range of treatment chemicals, dosing/control equipment and a comprehensive monitoring regime.

Steam Boilers

Some 98% of the cost of running a steam boiler is energy with approx 1% on water and 1% on water treatment chemicals. The correct choice of treatment program will reduce energy costs by optimising blowdown and eliminating scale deposition.

Assured Water can provide the full range of chemical treatments and cost effective after-sales service.


Closed Loop systems 

Closed loop heating & chilled water systems are often overlooked on sites but can be the cause of poor AC performance and incur high maintenance costs when things go wrong.

Pseudomonas bacteria can be the cause of poor flows and even blocked pipework. The correct choice of biocide and a flushing regime will effectively remove this problem

Water Treatment

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Assured Water can provide on-going maintenance plans which include a wide range of treatment chemical options. We can also advise on problems associated with these types of systems and implement a doisng/flushing regime to restore effectiveness.

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