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Swimming Pools & Spas

If you are the owner/manager of a commercial swimming pool and/or spa, you will know that these types of facility need to be looked after extremely well.

Failure to apply the correct treatments or inadequate monitoring can not only represent a health risk for users, it could mean financial loss if the facility is not available.

The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) have produced comprehensive guidance on swimming pools and the H&SE have prouced HSG 282 for spas.

Swimming Pools

Assured Water can provide regular site visits in order to take water samples from swimming pools.

Unless there is spray formation, Legionella is not normally a hazard. However, inadequate levels of disinfectant will allow bacteria such as coliforms to breed and for Pseudomonas to contaminate the pool.


Spas & Jaccuzzi 

Spa and Jaccizzi units are a know bredding ground for legionella. 

The warm waters (typically 37oC) and the formation of water droplets near to the face means that legionella has a good place to exist, grown and disseminate.

A high level of control is needed to ensure that legionella, coliform and Pseudomonas bacteria do not cause problems to the users.

Legionella in Spas

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Assured Water can provide on-going Water Safety Plans for both commercial spas and juccuzi units. We are able to offer advice on the most appropriate disinfectants and control/testing equipment - no charge to contract clients.

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