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Legionella Control during the Covid-19 Crisis

Many business premises have had low occupancy and some none at all, over the past few months. It is very possible that the water stored within the water tanks may need checking before re-occupation.   Make a visit to the water tanks and check the internal conditions. Look for surface scum, sediment and water line scum. If all OK, then carryout a period of flushing to move waters through the distribution system. On small systems, this is likely all that needs to happen. On larger systems, or where the occupants are at a higher risk, its wise to have some bacterial checks completed and where necessary, a system disinfection.


For hot water systems, one of the most important mantras for is "keep it clean, keep it moving and keep it hot".

If you want some common sense advice that's compliant with the ACOP/HSG guidelines, contact us..

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