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  • Lisamarie Lamb

HSG274: What You Need To Know

It is crucial that everyone complies with the rules and laws in the UK when it comes to health and safety regarding legionella bacteria. The HSG274 is a document published to tackle exactly this issue; it is split into three parts and each looks at a different element of legionella control. These are:

* Evaporated cooling

* Hot and cold water systems

* Other systems

Read on to take a look at some of the more important items highlighted within HSG274 so you can ensure you are doing everything right.

HSG274 - Part 1

HSG274 part 1 relates to evaporative cooling systems and how to manage the risk associated with these, as well as how to control any outbreak of legionella, ideally preventing it entirely.

The main points to consider include keeping good records and avoiding any conditions that allow for legionella bacteria's growth. Checks should be carried out on a regular basis regarding temperature and cleanliness, and the condensers or cooling towers should be disinfected and cleaned on a six monthly basis.

HSG274 - Part 2

HSG274 part 2 is about general hot and cold water services, and talks about the need for regular, indepth risk assessments to be carried out by a qualified, competent person. It also talks about how important temperature control is in this area, as using temperatures (keeping temperatures below 20 degrees in cold water and above 50 degrees in hot water) is one of the easiest ways of reducing the chances of legionella bacteria growing.

This section also includes information regarding domestic premises, something that landlords are going to need to know about so they can keep their tenants as safe as possible and ensure they are carrying out all their duties.

HSG274 - Part 3

HSG274 part 3 includes all other 'at risk' water systems that haven't yet been covered within the rest of the document. This could include spray humidifiers, make up tanks, and other wet surfaces. Although this area is a little more vague than the other two sections, when put together HSG274 will cover everything you need it to.

Of course, reading through HSG274 isn't going to be something that appeals to everyone, which is why engaging an expert to guide you through the process and check you are doing everything right is a good idea. Contact Assured Water Services today to find out more.

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