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  • Lisamarie Lamb

Legionella Testing and Monitoring: When, Why, and How Often

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by the legionella bacteria. This bacterium can be found in natural water sources like rivers, lakes, and ponds, and it can multiply in man-made water systems like cooling towers, spa pools, hot tubs, and other water systems. In the UK, legionnaires' disease is a notifiable disease, and all confirmed cases must be reported to Public Health England. To prevent the spread of legionella bacteria, it is essential to regularly test and monitor water systems. In this blog post, we'll discuss when, why, and how often legionella testing and monitoring should be carried out, based on UK guidelines.

When to Test

Legionella testing should be carried out on water systems that have been identified as high risk or have the potential to cause harm. High-risk systems include cooling towers, spa pools, hot tubs, and other water systems that are not used frequently, have been recently installed, or have undergone significant changes. In addition, testing should be carried out after a water system has been shut down for an extended period, or if there have been any concerns raised about water quality or safety.

Why Test?

The purpose of legionella testing is to determine whether the water system is contaminated with legionella bacteria and whether the control measures in place are effective in preventing its growth and spread. Regular testing can help to identify potential risks and ensure that the necessary control measures are in place. If legionella bacteria are detected, immediate action must be taken to control and eliminate the risk.

How Often to Test

The frequency of legionella testing and monitoring depends on the type and risk of the water system. In general, high-risk systems should be tested quarterly, and low-risk systems should be tested annually. However, the frequency of testing may vary depending on the results of previous tests, changes to the water system, and any concerns raised by building occupants or water system users.

Assured Water is a specialist in legionella control and water hygiene, offering a range of services to help ensure that water systems are safe and compliant with UK guidelines. Our team of experts can provide legionella risk assessments, water sampling and testing, monitoring and maintenance, and training and awareness. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your building and its occupants from legionella bacteria.

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